My ‘Graham Thomas’ rose lives–and blooms! Is this a miracle, or what?


Graham ThomasHere’s a bit of  good news: the ‘Graham Thomas’ yellow climber growing in my back garden is boasting a few  brave blooms! As I said in a previous post, I’d given it up for dead until my husband went to remove it and discovered some green shoots. I’ve been waiting with bated breath to see if the buds that started showing a couple of weeks ago would look like dear old Graham (it’s an Austin rose, the first true yellow English rose developed by David Austin Roses Ltd.,  and in my experience Austins can be less hardy than Canadian-bred roses) and, although the flowers are smaller than last year’s  prodigious blooms, they look like the real thing. I was worried that the new shoots coming up  from below the graft were from the original root and would be nothing like Graham. Who knows, maybe it’s growing on its own root and wasn’t grafted at all. Last year’s plant, showing off proudly in the photo above, stood about 10 feet tall  and dominated the garden in June.

Graham Thomas survives

This is 2014’s ‘Graham Thomas’ rose, standing about three feet tall. But it’s surviving and blooming, which is more than I thought it would do this year.


2 thoughts on “My ‘Graham Thomas’ rose lives–and blooms! Is this a miracle, or what?

  1. Congratulations! I had a ‘Graham Thomas’ that achieved a prodigious height and myriad blooms, only to mysteriously give up the ghost. One year, glory, the next year, pffft! Go figure.

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