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Art in the garden: letting go at Brillig Manor

bum and gravel

I think we should let ourselves go a bit in our gardens. We’d have more fun, we might release more tensions, and we’d end up with more memorable gardens, like the one at Brillig House in Thousand Oaks, California, with is filled with whimsical art made by its owner Continue reading

Applewood Garden Club tour

On the Events page I’ve given you a hint of what my work-in-progress looks like as I get it ready for Applewood Garden Club‘s Great Neighbourhood Gardens tour July 14 in Mississauga, ON, but here I thought i’d give you … Continue reading

Spring in my front garden

spring in my front garden

Spring is the best time in my front garden–my neighbours like it best, too. Naturally, it’s a welcome change from the mostly dreary winters we have in the Toronto area, but it’s more than that. I’m fresh from a few months of garden starvation …… Continue reading