A few flowers–and Canada Blooms–will cure the winter mopes

I mope a bit at this time of year, waiting for more daylight and my plant fix. But supermarket flowers help me keep sane. Sometimes $5 worth of less-than-perfect tulips plonked into my best vase and set on the kitchen island will do the trick.

kitchen tulips

Other times I splurge with a few stems from the florist, like these pink peonies cut short and jammed into a vase. They smell good, too. Continue reading

Canada Blooms: where’s the wow?

Why do hundreds of housebound and light-starved people, including yours truly, pay 20 bucks to tire ourselves out touring the display gardens and marketplace at Canada Blooms every year ? (In case you’re up for it, it’s on till Sunday, March 24, at the Direct Energy Centre at Exhibition Place in Toronto.)

Well, for starters we need a deep inhale of spring and a big hit of colour.



Or we’d like a preview of the lush veggies that will certainly be growing in our new vegetable patch…

IMG_6484 (1)

On the other hand, we might be looking for inspiration, like what to do with the hollow trunk we inherited …. log tunnel

And yes, we go there to shop. One of my friends says that’s the main reason she went to Canada Blooms, except that recently it hasn’t offered the same range of products so she’s not going this year. In the past she especially liked the potted perennials offered by a specialty grower, which she’d take home and (rather unrealistically, I think) hold under lights until planting time because the show is held before frost is normally out of the ground in our part of the world.  (Last year, 2012, was different, but that’s another story.)  Continue reading