Applewood Garden Club tour

On the Events page I’ve given you a hint of what my work-in-progress looks like as I get it ready for Applewood Garden Club‘s Great Neighbourhood Gardens tour July 14 in Mississauga, ON, but here I thought i’d give you a little preview with its best foot forward. Without the wheelbarrow and the plant trimmings, I mean. All the pictures on this blog were taken Friday, July 5, so we can expect the garden will look reasonably similar at tour time.

I’ve been working hard to make the garden look good for its day in the spotlight, even though it got a good going over for the Flamborough Horticultural Society’s tour in late May. But gardens can change and look unkempt in even a few weeks, so I’ve been at it again. I’ve been deadheading, weeding endlessly and of course viewing the garden with a critical eye. Why can gardeners never stop changing things? I’ve removed some perennials (we’ve lost a couple of trees over the past three years, leaving some shade-loving plants browning in the sun) and I’m putting in evergreens and shrubs to cut down on work. And I’ve introduced some new perennials. Why? you may ask…well, just because.
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